About Us

Heatblur Simulations was founded in 2015, as a company with a singular vision: to bring you the most immersive and enjoyable flight simulation gaming experiences possible. 

Our team is a passionate group of flight simulation developers, with a core development team consisting of game, visual effects and engineering industry veterans. Our goal is to mix our passion and technical expertise into a unique and high quality blend of flight simulation and gaming technology.

Since our founding, we've launched the MiG-21, AJS-37 Viggen and F-14 Tomcat for DCS World, and are gearing up to launch the legendary F-4 Phantom II and Eurofighter Typhoon. Through continued growth and experience we hope to bring more enjoyable simulation experiences to our fans around the world.

Thank you for your support and allowing us to continue making our passions a reality!

Team Heatblur